Regain your movement through
Massage therapy

Why choose
massage therapy?

- whiplash

Your registered massage therapist can work with you to improve your overall health, using a range of techniques to provide targeted pain relief for a range of issues and symptoms. We also work with those who lead an active lifestyle and are looking for maintenance visits to keep them at their peak performance.

We treat common conditions such as:


All prices include GST
We offer direct billing for all our treatments
*prenatal appointments available for this appointment duration

45 minute appointment*

Good for focusing on
2 - 3 areas of concern


60 minute appointment*

A full body massage designed
to get you back to full strength


30 minute appointment

A targeted massage for
1 - 2 areas of concern



75 minute appointment*

For when you need just a little bit longer than 60 minutes


90 minute appointment*

A full body massage to make you feel your best




create your treatment plan

maintain your best self

We'll work together to determine what you are looking to get from your massage therapy sessions. This is the first step to your body being the best version of itself.

Once your goals have been determined, a custom tailored treatment plan will be shared with you so you know what to expect from your RMT sessions.

Advice will be provided to you so you can ensure that your body health can be maintained no matter what adventures you embark on.

Refresh. relax. reinvigorate

"I have been visiting Nicole for at least 5 years now, best technique and know exactly how to make you feel better after the session, definitely my go to rmt and have already introduce a lots of friends to her too."

- JL

"I’ve been visiting Nicolle for therapy treatments and she is great! Very professional and very effective. She has firm pressure throughout the sessions which I really appreciate. Nicolle also cares about long term maintenance. She always gives me stretching exercises to work on in between appointments. I highly recommend Nicolle!"

- FP

"I have recently needed to get massage therapy again and was fortunate enough to be able to go back to Nicolle. I received the same professional treatment from her and am pleased with the results I've had so far in just one day. She was even kind enough to fit me into her already busy schedule at a time that is convenient for me"